3 Tier Candle Pyramid in Green. Characters depict the Nativity.


Candle Pyramids originated in the 18th Century in the Erzgebirge region of Germany. The pyramids were origially created and used by the local miners to ensure oxygen levels in the mines, and for producing light while in the dark mines. Overtime the pyramids became more sophisticated and decorative, finding their way into the homes during the long winters to provide light and decoration at Christmas time. As the region was so isolated from the rest of Germany the traditions were passed down through the generations, and as the mining industry finished the wooden crafts took it's place as the mainstay of the local economy. Today Candle Pyramids are still produced by hand using traditional methods by the skilled artisans of the Erzgebirge.


Handcrafted by Erzgebirsche Volkskunst Richard Glässer GmbH in Seiffen, Germany. 



40cm tall

Richard Glässer Candle Pyramid - 3 Tier Nativity in Green